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Thursday 30th September NOMADLAND (12A) Drama

Garlanded with awards including Oscars for best film, best direction and best actress, Nomadland stars Frances McDormand as a recently widowed 60 year-old embarking on a life on the road and joining a community of itinerant workers forced into this alternative lifestyle by the 2008 financial crash. The film explores the freedom and beauty of a nomadic life along with its hardships.  Real travellers play some of the parts, giving the film a documentary feel at times, but at heart it is a story of kindness, empathy and fellowship.  It is set in spectacular landscapes and features a contemplative soundtrack composed by Einaudi.

Thursday 14th October SOUND OF METAL (15) Drama

An immersive drama with an intense, inspiring performance by Riz Ahmed as Ruben, a drummer who suddenly suffers catastrophic hearing loss.  His girlfriend, worried that he might now revert to his previous drug addiction, books him into a commune where people are gently encouraged to find ways to accept their deafness.  But Ruben finds it hard to give up hope that a surgical implant might restore his hearing.  Which choice will he finally make, and what will be the consequences?  The bold, innovative sound design of this film makes us share Ruben’s experience, and we cannot help but empathise with him.  (But we get subtitles.)

Thursday, 28th October THE FATHER (12) Drama

A profoundly moving depiction of the effects of Alzheimer’s disease, not just on sufferers but also  those closest to them.  Anthony Hopkins won best actor Oscar for his performance as an alternately charming and cantankerous old man living in an elegant apartment that may or may not be his own.  Olivia Colman is also brilliant as his long-suffering daughter. As the story progresses, what is real and what is not, who is who, what is now and what is in the past become as unclear to the viewer as they are to the old man.  We feel his uncertainty and anxiety and cannot help but feel for him.  Hankies ready for the final five minutes!

Thursday, 11 November LIMBO (12) Comedy drama

A quirky comedy about refugees stuck in limbo on a remote Scottish island while they wait for their asylum applications to be processed.   Omar, a young musician from Syria, and his companions try to make the best of what the island has to offer - a phone box, a bus stop and a bleak children’s playground – and not to let go of their dreams for a better future. The film mixes gentle humour with emotion.

Thursday, 25th November DREAM HORSE (PG) Comedy drama

A typically feelgood British underdog film based on the true story of Dream Alliance, a winner of the Welsh Grand National.  Jan, played by Toni Collette, lives in a former mining town in Wales and has two part-time, dead-end jobs.  When she overhears a drinker in the local working-men’s club boasting of his part-ownership of a racehorse, she sees an opportunity to brighten up her life.  Back home, she announces to her husband that she is going to buy a brood mare and form a syndicate to pay the expenses of breeding and training a racehorse. There will be laughter, cheers and tears.

Thursday, 9th December SUPERNOVA Drama

Tusker (Stanley Tucci) and Sam (Colin Firth) have been a couple for 20 years but now they must face up to Tusker’s mental deterioration through early onset dementia.  Tusker seems more accepting of his fate than Sam, who desperately wants to care for the person he loves but must also face up to the prospect of losing him.  The drama plays out on a road trip through the beautiful autumnal scenery of the Lake District.  Tucci and Firth, long-term friends in real life, give wonderfully warm, naturalistic and understated performances in this bittersweet tale.

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