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Parish Council

Links to the Agenda for each meeting will be published here about one week before the next meeting and the minutes as they become available.

The Parish Council has approved a new publication scheme which will allow many documents to be viewed online. The new scheme will be published here shortly along with the appropriate documents, other documents available on request to the Clerk. There will be a small charge for some of these paper copies, to cover costs. Links to some reports may be listed here.

Meeting Dates 2021/22
14th April meeting and APM18:45/19:00Zoom
5th May AGM19:30Zoom
25th August19:30
Hawkley Parish Hall
3rd November 19:30 Hawkley Parish Hall
19th Jan 2022 19:30Hawkley Parish Hall
13th April 2022 APM
19:00Hawkley Parish Hall

19:30Hawkley Parish Hall

Current documents in two groups, Minutes and Agendas - most recent at the top and Policy & Information Documents. There is also a section with Historic documents and minutes.
All minutes marked 'draft' over three months old can be taken as 'approved'.

Policy & Information Documents


Publication scheme
Grievance procedure
Statement of Internal control


Statement of Internal Control
Copy of Asset register 2020-21
EHDC Councillor code of conduct 2021
Accounting Statement 2020-21
Annual Governance Statement 2020-21
Annual Internal Audit Report 2020-21
Bank Reconciliation y/e 31.3.21
Items of expenditure over 100 2020-21
Certificate of Exemption - AGAR 2020-21
Exercise of Public Right 2020-21
Explanation of variances 2020-21


Bank Reconciliation 2019-20
Significant variances statement 2019-20
Items of expenditure over 100
Exercise of public rights 2019-20
Accounting statements 2019-20
Annual Governance 2019-20
Certificate of Exemption 2019-20
Internal Audit report 2019-20


Financial Regulations
Accounting statements 2018/19
Internal Audit report 2018/19
Certificate of Exemption 2018/19
Exercise of public rights 2018/19
Standing orders
Asset register
Items of expenditure over 100
Bank Reconciliation
Significant variances statement
Parish Councillors' Registers of Interests


Period for exercise of public rights 2017/18
Bank reconciliation 2017/18
Variances 2017/18
Annual internal audit report 2017/18
Annual Governance Statement 2017/18
Accounting statements 2017/18
Items of expenditure over 100
Asset register 2017/18
Standing Orders
Financial Regulations
Parish Councillors' Registers of Interests


Exercise of Public rights
Internal Audit 2016/17
Accounting statement 2016/17
Annual Governance statement 2016/17
Items of expenditure over 100 2016/17
Asset register 2016/17


Internal Audit 2015/16
External Audit 2015/16
Annual Governance Statement 2015/16
Exercise of public rights 2016
Accounting statements 2015/16


External Audit report (2014/15)
Annual Governance Statement (2014/15)
Internal Audit Report (2014/15) 
Items of expenditure of a value greater than 100 (2014/15)
Bank reconciliation (2014/15)
Significant variances statement  (2014/15)

Reports and Documents

Parish council response to the reclassifiaction of BOATS

Parish council GDPR policy document

Parish council interim traffic report

Parish council response to the SDNP Pre-submission local plan

Parish Councillors' Registers of Interests

Hawkley and Empshott Village plan- adopted November 2014

Report on the Parish Lengthman (PDF 20Kb)

Parish Publication Scheme Under the Freedom Of Information Act 2000 (PDF 35Kb)August 2007
This document is currently under revision

Parish Council response to TAG Farnborough airspace consultation

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Historic Minutes & Documents

Minutes- 30th March 2021
Planning agenda- 30th March 2021
Financial summary March 2021
Minutes-17th March 2021
Agenda-17th March 2021
Minutes-10th February 2021
Planning agenda- 10th February 2021
Minutes- 20th January 2021
Agenda- 20th January 2021
Minutes- 13th January 2021
Planning Agenda-13th January 2021
Minutes- 22nd December 2020
Planning Agenda- 22nd December 2020
Minutes- 25th November 2020
Planning Agenda- 25th November 2020
Minutes-18th November 2020
Agenda - 18th November 2020
Minutes- 27th October 2020
Planning Agenda- 27th October 2020
Minutes- 2nd October 2020
Planning agenda-2nd October 2020
County Councillor report September 2020
District Councillor report September 2020
Minutes- 26th August 2020
Financial Summary to August 2020
Agenda- 26th August 2020
Planning Agenda- 21st August 2020
Minutes- 13th July
Planning Agenda 13th July 2020
Minutes- 19th May
Planning Agenda 19th May 2020
Financial Summary to May 2020
Minutes- 6th May
Agenda- 6th May 2020
Chairmans report 2020
County councillor report 2020
District Councillor report 2020
Financial summary 2019/20
Planning applications 2019/20
Minutes- APM 8th April 2020
Agenda- APM 8th April 2020
Minutes-26th March 2020
Planning Agenda-26th March 2020
Minutes- 20th February 2020
Planning Agenda-20th February 2020
Minutes- 29th January 2020
Agenda- 29th January 2020
Minutes- 14th January 2020
Planning Agenda-14th January 2020Minutes- 27th November 2019
Agenda- 27th November 2019
Minutes- 28th October 2019
Planning agenda- 28th October 2019
Minutes- 15th October 2019
Planning Agenda-15th October 2019
Minutes- 21st August 2019
Agenda- 21st August 2019
Minutes- 23rd July 2019
Planning agenda- 23rd July 2019
Minutes- 5th June 2019
Planning agenda- June 5th 2019
Minutes- 8th May 2019
Agenda- 8th May 2019
County Councillor report April 2019
Minutes- 10th April 2019
Agenda- APM 10th April 2019
Minutes- 20th March 2019
Agenda- Traffic meeting 20th March 2019
County Councillor report January 2019
Minutes- 23rd January 2019
Agenda- 23rd January 2019
Minutes- 26th November 2018
Planning agenda- 26th November 2018
County Councillor report October 2018
Minutes- 3rd October 2018
Agenda- 3rd October 2018
Minutes- 23rd August 2018
Planning Agenda- 23rd August 2018
Minutes- August 13th 2018
Planning Agenda- August 13th 2018
County Councillor report July 2018
Minutes- 4th July 2018
Agenda- 4th July 2018
Planning agenda- 19th June 2018
County Councillor report May 2018
Minutes- 17th May 2018
Agenda- AGM 17th May 2018
Minutes- 9th May 2018
Planning Agenda-9th May 2018
Minutes- APM 11th April 2018
Agenda- APM 11th April 2018
Minutes- 7th March 2018
Planning Agenda- 7th March 2018
Minutes 24th January 2018
Agenda- 24th January 2018
Minutes- 7th December 2017
Planning Agenda- 7th December 2017
Minutes- 1st November 2017

Quarterly financial statement November 2017
Traffic Appendix November 2017
County Councillor report November 2017
Agenda- 1st Nobember 2017
Planning Agenda- 16th October 2017
Minutes- 9th August 2017
Quarterly financial statement August 2017
Agenda- 9th August 2017
AGM minutes- 17th May 2017
AGM Agenda -17th May 2017
APM minutes- 19th Apil 2017
APM Agenda- 19th April 2017
Minutes-10th April 2017
Planning Agenda- 10th April 2017
Minutes- 22nd March 2017
Planning Agenda- 22nd March 2017
Minutes- 9th February 2017
Planning Agenda- 9th February 2017
Minutes- 25th January 2017
Agenda- 25th January 2017
Minutes- 9th January 2017
Planning Agenda- 9th January 2017
Minutes- 30th November 2016
Planning Agenda- 30th November 2016
Minutes- 16th November 2016
Agenda- 16th November 2016
Minutes- 17th October 2016
Planning Agenda- 17th October 2016
Minutes- 23rd August 2016
Planning Agenda- 23rd August 2016
Minutes- 16th August 2016
Planning Agenda - 16th August 2016
Minutes- 27th July 2016
Planning Agenda- 27th July 2016
Minutes -6th July 2016
Agenda- 6th July 2016
Minutes- 28th June 2016
Agenda- Planning meeting 28th June 2016
Minutes- 18th May 2016
Agenda- AGM 18th May 2016
Agenda- Annual parish meeting 2016
Minutes- Planning meeting 20th April 2016
Planning Agenda- 20th April 2016
Minutes- Planning meeting 29th March 2016
Planning Agenda- 29th March 2016
Minutes- planning meeting 18th February 2016
Planning Agenda- February 18th 2016
Minutes - February 2nd 2016
Planning Agenda- 2nd February 2016
Minutes- 13th January 2016
Agenda- 13th January 2016
Minutes- December 16 2015
Planning Agenda- December 16th 2015
Minutes- November 10th 2015
Planning Agenda Nov 10th 2015
Minutes October 21st 2015
Planning Agenda- 21st October 2015
Minutes 30th September 2015
Agenda- 30th September 2015
Minutes- Planning meeting 14th September
Planning Agenda- September 14th 2015
Minutes - June 24th 2015
Planning Agenda- 24th June 2015
Minutes- June 4th 2015
Planning Agenda- 4th June 2015
Minutes- 20th May 2015
Agenda- 20th May 2015
Minutes - APM- 2015
Agenda- Annual Parish Meeting 8th April 2015
Minutes - planning meeting 30th March 2015
Planning agenda 30th March 2015
Minutes- 21st January 2015
Agenda- 21st January 2015
Minutes- Planning meeting 16th December 2014
Planning Agenda- 16th December 2014
Minutes - October 1st 2014
Agenda - 1st October 2014
Minutes  30th July 2014
Agenda 30th July 2014
Minutes- AGM May 21st 2014
Agenda- Annual general Meeting 21st May 2014
Agenda- Annual parish meeting 30th April 2014
Planning Agenda- 30th April 2014
Planning Agenda- 14th April 2014
Agenda- 12th February 2014
Minutes- 16th October 2013
Agenda- planning meeting 4th December 2013
Minutes- planning meeting 31st october 2013
Planning agenda-30th October 2013
Agenda- 16th October 2013
Agenda- Planning September 25th 2013
Minutes- planning meeting march 13th 2013
Agenda 10th July 2013
Minutes 8th May 2013
Agenda - 8th May 2013
Planning Agenda 22nd March 2013
Minutes 6th February 2013
Minutes- planning meeting 12th November 2012
Minutes 7th November 2012
Minutes- 18th July2012
Minutes 9th May 2012
Minutes of APM 18th April 2012
Minutes of planning meeting 28th March 2012
Notice of annual accounts 2012
Minutes Planning meeting 28th March 2012
Minutes 15th February 2012
Minutes 9th November 2011
Minutes 20th July 2011
Minutes 17th May 2011
Minutes 9th March
Minutes Annual Parish Meeting 9th March 2011
Minutes 17th November 2010
Minutes 11 August 2010
Minutes 26 May 2010
Minutes APM 28 April 2010
Meeting Minutes 10 February 2010(PDF 25Kb)
Meeting Minutes 25 November2009 - unapproved (PDF 22Kb)
Meeting Minutes 5 August 2009 (PDF 23Kb)
Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 16 April 2008 - unapproved (PDF 27Kb)
Meeting Minutes 11 February 2009 - unapproved (PDF 31Kb)
Quarterly Financial Statement 11 February 2009 (PDF 14Kb)
Meeting Minutes 12 November 2008 (PDF 33Kb)
Minutes 6 February 2008 (PDF 90Kb)
Minutes 21 November 2007 (PDF 44Kb)
Minutes 22 August 2007 (PDF 22Kb)
Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 12 April 2007 (PDF 30Kb

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