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Film Club Winter Season 2022
Thursday 13 January                       THE COURIER                    (12) Spy Thriller
A true story set in the early 60’s around the time of the Cuban missile crisis when the world came to the brink of atomic war.  In London, MI6 hear of a Russian intelligence officer, Oleg Penkovsky, who is willing to pass Soviet atomic secrets to the West.  Now they must find a courier to collect the information from him.  Their unlikely choice is Greville Wynne, a very ordinary businessman. Benedict Cumberbatch stars as the inconspicuous character on whom the success of this mission will depend.
Thursday 27 January        THE LAST BUS        (12A) Drama

An elderly widower makes a poignant journey from John O’Groats to Land’s End to return his wife’s ashes to the home they had fled as a young couple, seeking to put as much space as possible between them and a family tragedy.  Timothy Spall’s portrayal of the character displays both frailty and grit as he doggedly makes his way south by local buses, using his freedom pass to save the fares he could not afford.  He has many heart-warming encounters on the way and some disturbing ones, but the overwhelming reception he receives as he descends from the last bus will bring tears to many eyes.

Thursday 10 February        NOWHERE SPECIAL    (12) Drama

James Norton and child actor Daniel Lamont are both brilliant in this story of a single parent who has just been told he has a terminal illness.  Now all his efforts are directed to finding a perfect new family for his beloved three-year-old son.  The film is all about love and humanity.  It is both heart-warming and heart breaking, a moving tribute to a devoted parent.

Thursday 24 February        PIG                (15) Drama

For those who are used to seeing Nicolas Cage in more high-octane rôles, his subtle, understated performance in this story of a chef turned recluse is a revelation in its slow-burn intensity.  When the chef’s beloved truffle pig is stolen from him, he reluctantly returns to the city he had fled many years ago.  He is determined to retrieve the animal and settle a few scores in the process. This is a story of love and loss in the cut-throat world of celebrity chefs’ kitchens.

Thursday 10 March            KING RICHARD        (12) Sports drama/biopic

A true story of outsiders succeeding against the odds.  Richard Williams (Will Smith) had the unshakeable conviction that his daughters could become the best tennis players in the world and the determination to make this happen despite handicaps of race and class prejudice.  His forceful parenting, combined with their own hard work and talent, proved him right.  This film was made with the Williams family’s approval and presents the story mainly from their point of view.

Thursday 24 March            THE LAST DUEL        (18) Historical drama

A film by Ridley Scott, with echoes of his earlier cult films.  The plot is based on the last recorded trial by combat in medieval France.  Such combats were organised on the assumption that whoever survived would, by definition, be in the right, with God on their side.  The two combatants are former friends.  One is accused of raping the other’s wife.  At stake is not only the honour of the two men but also the life of the accuser who must die if she is “proved” to be a liar by the defeat of her husband.  Events are described by the three protagonists in turn, each giving a different version.  Gradually we become aware that there is more to this story than a crime and its punishment.  Contested property, debts, politics and hierarchies are also in the mix. 

Thursday 7 April            STILLWATER        (15) Drama/thriller

A drama inspired by the story of Amanda Knox, an American charged with and convicted of the murder of her housemate in a foreign land.  Matt Damon plays a “roughneck” oil worker from Oklahoma who travels to Marseille on a mission to get his estranged daughter released and exonerated.  He has not been the best of fathers, but now he wants to be a hero – not an easy task in a culture so unlike his own.  He and those he loves will be greatly changed by the experience.

Thursday 21 April            SPENCER            (12) Drama

Focusing on three days with the royal family at Sandringham at Christmas 1991, this film aims to show Princess Diana’s inner world and emotions at a critical point in her troubled marriage.  Through a mélange of dream sequences and realistic portrayals of her mental turmoil we come to understand why she decides the marriage is over.  The most moving scenes are those with her sons, and the costumes are lovely – as you would expect.

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