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Hall opens at 7 p.m. and films start at 7.40 p.m.
£5 in advance on email to nick@hawkleycc.co.uk or £6 on the night
Drinks and hot dogs available

5 January
THE FENCER (PG) An Estonian film with subtitles.

A champion fencer fleeing the secret police in Leningrad takes a teaching job in a far-flung rural community.  Many of his pupils are orphans of the Russian occupation of Estonia, and he becomes not just their fencing coach but a rôle model and father figure.  When the children beg to go to Leningrad for a fencing tournament he must decide whether to risk his life and go, or disappoint them and stay safe.  This is a typical, warm-hearted, “inspirational teacher” tale with touching but restrained performances.  Based on a true story.

19 January
HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE (12A) Oddball comedy/family drama

Ricky, a troubled, overweight orphan with ambitions to be a gangster, gets a last-chance placement with a down-to-earth foster aunt at her remote farm.  When suddenly deprived of her motherly love, he flees into the bush with his elderly foster uncle before the authorities can come and take him back into care.  The two mismatched characters bond in a bizarre outback adventure through lush New Zealand landscapes.  This emphatically unsentimental story of love and loss will make you laugh while pretending not to cry.

2 February
ANTHROPOID (15) Historical thriller

“Operation Anthropoid” was a real, but mostly forgotten, episode in World War II.  It’s December 1941, and two Czech agents are parachuted into Prague with a mission to assassinate Reinhard Heydrich, the so-called Butcher of Prague and chief architect of the Holocaust.  Slowly ratcheted tension will have you on the edge of your seats until the dramatic, intense climax.

16 February

Single again, and with her biological clock ticking madly, Bridget has reckless one-night-stands, first with a handsome stranger then with her ‘ex’, the lovely Mark Darcy.  Now she’s pregnant, and both the potential fathers want to claim paternity.  A slapstick comedy with many laugh-out-loud moments, not to be taken at all seriously.

2 March

Based on the bestselling novel.  Emily Blunt gives a brilliant performance as an alcoholic divorcee struggling to make sense of scenes she has glimpsed through a train window.  Has she witnessed a murder?  Or is her mind blanking out something terrible that she herself has done?  The plot twists and turns, keeping you in suspense.

16 March

This is the true story of Phiona Mulesi from Katwe (a shanty town in Uganda) who escaped a life of poverty by becoming an international chess champion.  A ‘feel good’ film, beautifully acted, with vivid background colour and a theme of cheerful optimism in the face of adversity:  a person’s reach should exceed their grasp, and a pawn can become a queen.

30 March
ALLIED (15) WWII spy drama

Brad Pitt plays Max, a Canadian intelligence officer parachuted into North Africa in 1942 to rendezvous with French resistance fighter Marianne (Marion Cotillard).  They are to pose as a married couple to carry out a mission.  On their return to London, a real couple now, Max is given reasons to doubt his enigmatic wife and question her loyalties.  Beautifully filmed and costumed.  Spy dramas don’t get more stylish than this.

6 April
SULLY (12A) Drama

Who could forget Captain Chesley ‘Sully’ Sullenberger’s emergency landing on the Hudson River, and the survival of all on board his plane?  ‘Sully’ is a rôle Tom Hanks was born to play, in this true story of an emergency and its aftermath.

20 April
A UNITED KINGDOM (12A) Biography/romance/drama

From the director of Belle, this is the true story of a romance with the potential to cause political upheavals.  It is 1947, and an insurance clerk called Ruth meets Seretse, a young black student, at a mission society dance in London.  They fall in love and plan to marry, but their families and the authorities in both their countries are determined to prevent the marriage.  He is the heir to the king of Bechuanaland, and neighbouring South Africa has just established its policy of apartheid.  The dignity and quiet determination of the young couple make this an inspirational and uplifting story.

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