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Hall opens at 7 pm and films start at 7.40 pm
5 in advance on email to nick@hawkleycc.co.uk or 6 on the night
Drinks and hot dogs available

11 January  DUNKIRK (12A) Historical drama
The director, Christopher Nolan, thanked Warner Bros for giving this British film an American budget, allowing him to shoot expansive beach scenes, dramatic aerial dogfights and plenty of action at sea (with flotillas of small boats, of course).  It is a celebration of British bulldog spirit, with Kenneth Branagh as military top brass, Mark Rylance as an indomitable small boat skipper, and Tom Hardy as a Spitfire pilot.

25 January MY PURE LAND (15)  Drama with subtitles
A Pakistani woman and her two daughters bravely defend their home against a gang of armed men in this true story of a bitter family feud.  Described by one critic as a “masala western”, the story is pieced together in a series of flashbacks, building to a tense and unpredictable climax. The Pakistani setting adds vivid local colour.

8 February VICTORIA AND ABDUL (PG) Historical drama
Judi Dench gives another Oscar-worthy performance as Queen Victoria in the later years of her long reign.  Lonely, tired, and surrounded by hostile family and advisers, she is unexpectedly rejuvenated by the companionship of a handsome young man sent from India to present her with a Jubilee gift.

Thursday 22 February ‘THE EXCEPTION’ (15)
A sexy wartime thriller based at the Dutch mansion where Kaiser Wilhelm lived in exile after the Great War.  At the onset of World War II, a young Nazi officer is sent to find out if the Dutch resistance have planted a spy in the household, and he quickly becomes dangerously attracted to one of the housemaids.   The younger actors in this film have all the passionate scenes, but the exceptional Christopher Plummer (aged 87), playing the ageing Kaiser, gives them all a master class in acting.

Powerful performances by Kate Winslet and Idris Elba drive this tale of courage and endurance in the aftermath of a plane crash in a snowbound American wilderness.  Strangers until this moment, the pair have only each other (and a dog) to rely on as they set off on a seemingly impossible trek to find help.

22nd March THE DEATH OF STALIN (15) Comedy Drama
Directed by Armando Iannucci, creator of “The Thick of It”.  When the infamous dictator Stalin dies, his henchmen are overwhelmed by fear, paranoia and vicious rivalry as they plot and manoeuvre to decide who should be his successor.  Knockabout comedy combined with dark, dark satire.

5th April  IN BETWEEN (15) Drama with subtitles
Three young Palestinian women flat-sharing in Tel Aviv are each in their own way free spirits.  Laila is a chain-smoking, hard drinking lawyer, Salma an aspiring DJ, gay, with strict Christian parents, and their unlikely new flatmate Nour is strait-laced, studious, and from an ultra-conservative Muslim family.  All three are fighting a battle for independence and fulfilment in a world where freedom beckons but patriarchal repression holds them back.   The courageous director has received high praise but also death threats for this, her debut film.

19 April BREATHE (12A) Drama/ romantic biopic
This is the touching story of a life well lived despite the greatest of handicaps.  Andrew Garfield plays Robin Cavendish, a dashing, energetic young Englishman struck down with polio at the age of 28. Claire Foy plays his devoted and resilient wife.  The film was produced by their son as a tribute to his parents.

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