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Autumn 2022

15th September                    THE DUKE           True-Life Comedy/Drama (12)

An affectionate, humorous, typically British underdog story based on actual events. Kempton Bunton, played with relish by Jim Broadbent, is a Newcastle cab driver whose hobbies are writing unpublishable plays and firing off angry letters to the papers protesting about charging hard-up pensioners for TV licences.  Hearing that the government has forked out 140,000 to stop a portrait of the Duke of Wellington being exported, he steals the painting from the National Gallery and holds it to ransom for the benefit of the poor.  Helen Mirren plays his downtrodden wife who wants nothing to do with the scheme. Watch out for a plot twist or two!

29th September     THE PHANTOM OF THE OPEN       True-Life Comedy/ Drama (12)

Another British comedy to lift your spirits. Mark Rylance stars as crane-driver Maurice Flitcroft, a Walter Mitty character who had the nerve or naivety to enter qualifying rounds for the British Open golf tournament, having never played golf before in his life. A whimsical, nostalgic comedy with many laugh-out-loud moments.

13th October                     THE OUTFIT                      Crime Drama (15)

Mark Rylance shows his versatility, this time playing the cool, enigmatic character (Leonard) at the centre of a carefully crafted thriller set in 1950s Chicago.  The drama takes place over 12 hours in the close confines of Leonard’s shop where only gangsters can afford the fine clothing he skilfully and meticulously tailors for them.  But his regular customers, the local mob, are under threat from “The Outfit”, a powerful rival gang.  Someone in their circle is betraying them.  The film will keep you guessing who the traitor might be.

27th October                  OPERATION MINCEMEAT                  Historical Drama (12A)

Based on Ben Macintyre’s bestselling book, this is the astonishing true story of an elaborate deception concocted by British intelligence to convince Nazi Germany that the Allies planned to invade Greece rather than their actual destination, Sicily.  The stellar cast is led by Colin Firth, and Matthew Macfadyen as the stiff-upper-lipped heroes in charge of this complex and extraordinarily risky enterprise.

10th November                     THE ROAD DANCE                                        Drama (15)

The wild beauty of the Outer Hebrides is the setting for this drama of love, loss and dark secrets. Crofter’s daughter Kirsty dreams of emigrating to America with her sweetheart, Murdo, but their hopes and plans are disrupted by the outbreak of the First World War.  Murdo and his friends enlist. A traditional dance is held in their honour before they leave for the front, and by the next morning Kirsty’s life has tragically changed.

24th November         GOOD LUCK TO YOU, LEO GRANDE     Comedy/Drama (15)

Fifty-five-year-old Nancy Stokes (Emma Thompson) is a widowed retired R.E. teacher whose marriage, she says, “Was not so much a furnace of passion that burned out as the bottom drawer of an Aga”.  To find out what she has been missing she hires a young male escort whose professional name is Leo Grande.  This is a conversation piece that critics found “wise, amusing, unexpectedly touching”.  It deals with issues of sexuality, body image, ageing and self-empowerment.

8th December          THE RAILWAY CHILDREN RETURN                Drama (PG)

A homage to the original, much loved, Railway Children with echoes of that other classic film Whistle Down the Wind.  Jenny Agutter reprises her role as Bobbie, now a grandmother, whose grandson befriends three evacuee children.  The children discover a young, wounded black GI hiding on the railway.  He convinces them that he is on a secret mission and needs their help and protection.  In their innocence, they are unaware that they are actually protecting him from American military police.

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