5th(Thurs)         Hawkley Good Companions meeting                               2.30pm

7th(Sat) Hawkley Tennis Club ‘mix in’ session                                        2 - 5pm

8th(Sun)            Hawkley Annual Parochial Church Meeting, after

                          the morning service                                                      11.30am

9th(Mon)          Baby and Toddler Group at the Empshott Hut                     2.00pm

                          Petersfield U3A                                                                   2.30pm

10th(Tues)        History Group at Coffee & Chat, Hawkley V Hall             11.00am

11th(Wed)        Hawkley Parish Council Annual Parish Meeting              7.00pm

14th(Sat)           Empshott & Hawkley Hort. Soc. Spring Show in

                          the Empshott Hut                                                                   3.00pm

15th(Sun)          Hawkley Sunday School in the Village Hall                       10.15am

16th(Mon)        Greatham Village Hall Trustees Meeting                7.30pm

18th(Wed)        Petersfield U3A                                                                   2.30pm

19th(Thurs)       Film Club in Hawkley Village Hall                              7.00pm

20/21/22           Save The Children Big Sale

21st(Sat)           Hand Bell meeting in Hawkley Village Hall                          10.00am

22nd(Sun)         Greatham Annual Parochial Church Meeting                      12.15pm

23rd(Mon)        Empshott Annual Parochial Church Meeting in the Hut       7.30pm

24th(Tues)        Petersfield U3A                                                                               2.30pm

28th(Sat)           Skittles Night in Greatham Village Hall                            7.00pm


6th(Sun)            Rotherfield Garden Open                                            2 - 5pm