2nd(Mon)         Baby & Toddler Group in Empshott Hut               2pm - 3.30pm

                        Greatham Parish Council meeting                                 7.30pm

5th(Thurs)        Hawkley Good Companions AGM in the Church Room   2.30pm

6th(Fri)             Lecture at The Manor House, Greatham                         7.30pm

7th(Sat) Decorating Empshott Church for Harvest            from     10.00am

                        Empshott Harvest Supper in the Hut                              7.00pm

8th - 16th          Alton Art Society Annual Exhibition in the Alton

                        Assembly Rooms                                              10am - 5.00pm

9th(Mon)          Petersfield U3A Talk                                                    2.30pm

10th(Tues)        Messy Church at St John the Baptist, Greatham                     3.30pm

11th(Wed)        Petersfield U3A Open Day                                  10.30am - 2.30pm

12th(Thurs)      Greatham Senior Citizens Lunch, Greatham Inn               12.45pm

                        Charity Whist Drive, Greatham Village Hall                  2.00pm

                        Film Club in Hawkley Village Hall                               7.00pm

13th(Fri)           Lecture at The Manor House, Greatham                         7.30pm

14th(Sat)          Hawkley Churchyard Working Party                    from 10.00am

15th(Sun)         Sunday School in Hawkley Village Hall                         10.15am

                        Hawkley Harvest Supper in the Village Hall                  6.00pm

16th(Mon)        Hawkley Parish Walk, meet at the church lych gate          1.45pm

                        Greatham Village Hall Trustees meeting                                    7.30pm

17th(Tues)        Empshott & Hawkley Horticultural Society AGM   7.30pm

18th(Wed)        Petersfield U3A Talk                                                    2.30pm

                        Lecture at The Manor House, Greatham                         7.30pm

20th(Fri)           Alton Abbey Annual Lecture                                        7.00pm

24th(Wed)        Petersfield U3A Talk                                                    2.00pm

26th(Thurs)      Film Club at Hawkley Village Hall                                7.00pm

27th(Fri)           Lecture at The Manor House, Greatham                         7.30pm

27th-28th          Save the Children Gift Fair at Churchers College

28th(Sat)          Churchyard Working Party at St John’s Church,

                        Greatham                                                                         from 10am

                        Light Fantastic Party, Hawkley Village Hall                 2.00pm 

                        The Queen’s Pictures lecture, Hawkley V. Hall                   7.00pm                       

                        Oktoberfest at Liss Triangle Centre                         6pm - 11pm