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Over the last 15 months, a team led by Jo Humphrey has thoroughly explored all manner of possible measures directed at reducing the speed of traffic in Hawkley and its environs including wide consultation with traffic specialists  (including with Hampshire Highways, the South Downs National Park and independent traffic consultants). 

One of the themes emerging from that process is that drivers’ behaviour is influenced if they recognise that they have arrived “somewhere”. In a rural context, emerging from a winding, hedged country lane into a clearly settled area can focus drivers’ attention on the need to modify driving patterns which can be reinforced by establishing a “Sense of Place” on arrival at a settlement boundary.  This can be achieved in a number of ways: signage at the settlement boundaries perhaps emphasised by well-tended verges and ponds, such as presently enjoyed at Lower Green, establishes the residential credentials of an area.   

After much deliberation, it is proposed to erect traditional, heritage style village signs at the entries to the Upper Green and Lower Green settlements. 

Three signs will be erected on the approaches to Upper Green (Pococks Lane, Vicarage Lane and on the road up from Oakshott by Lilac Cottage). And three at Lower Green (Mill Lane, the road up from Newton Valence and on Hawkley Road).

The signs will be made of cast aluminium and mounted on olive green posts and will be similar to:







Wooden stakes with white painted tops have been placed in the verges indicating the approximate locations. The existing ‘Hawkley’ sign at Lower Green will be moved to replace the ‘Hawkley’ sign at the top of Hawkley Hill.

The sites for these signs have been selected with considerable care, balancing a number of sometimes conflicting considerations. However, if you have any public safety concerns over the proposed positioning of these signs the Parish Council will be pleased to hear from you before it meets to consider the proposal on 23 January.

Hawkley Parish Council

8 January 2019

Fly tipping

If you see builders’ waste or other rubbish dumped on public land, please report it in one of the following ways:

If you actually see the offence being committed ring the Police on 101 giving full details

Or ring EHDC customer services on 0300 300 0013.

Otherwise use the online contact form that can be found at

The council will remove waste and rubbish left dumped by fly tippers on public highways and public land, and whenever possible, will prosecute those who offend in this way.

Dog Fouling

Hawkley Parish Council has received several complaints recently about dog poo not being picked up by a small minority of dog owners.  Many people exercising their dogs carry bags, pick it up and bin it. Others simply kick it off the road or pathway into the verge and out of harm’s way. However, the amount of mess being left behind on our lanes footpaths and open spaces, whether in bags or not, has increased once more. This is a criminal offence - please clear up after your dog!

Traffic interim report

To see the Traffic committee's interim report please click here.

Dog Fouling

There are few things quite as distasteful for walkers as returning home to find dog mess on their shoes or for a cricketer executing a diving catch ending up with it wiped round his face.  Most owners carry bags, pick it up and bin it. Others simply kick it off the road or pathway into the verge and out of harm’s way. However, the amount of mess left behind on local public spaces has increased lately - we owe it to each other to reduce it. 


The law requires an owner to remove their dogs’ mess from land used by the public. This includes the mess of a dog roaming free or unattended. It is not acceptable simply to leave it on the road, path or open space for others to tread on. Hanging a bag of dog mess on a hedge or dropping it back on the ground simply compounds it with the offence of littering.   


Please …… Bag it and take it home.


The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police Force has established a single overall response team covering the whole of East Hampshire although neighbouring area response teams will respond to issues in our area if necessary.  Policing is now managed in three parallel “Strands”

        Neighbourhood  and prevention

        999 and emergency

        Gathering Intelligence

Policing now relies heavily on gathering local intelligence. The presentation and subsequent discussion was largely around gathering intelligence throughout rural communities. The police share intelligence and try to spot any themes and trends.

Rural crimes tend to impact particularly farmers and landowners but it is recognised that thefts from within rural communities often has a significant impact on those communities. These can be distressing but are also are costly and disruptive.

There are particular initiatives for rural communities. For example: Alton Police and Countryside Watch working with Game keepers to organise patrols. This has been successful in catching many poachers in the act and has led to prosecutions. Fly tipping is another current issue. The Police want people to report tipping to them, as well as EHDC, so they can share intelligence.  A ‘Police Report’ should also allow landowners to deposit such rubbish at the recycling centre free of charge.  

Clearly, this process can only be as good as the intelligence it gathers: That is where you come in. Please ring 101 (the non- emergency number for Hampshire) with any intelligence in our local area.  This can be a report of a crime, suspicious activity or simply to identify a potential risk or hazard.  Big or small, whether you think it’s relevant or not”.  The more proactive we are, the safer we make our community.  For example, if you see an unfamiliar car in the road – jot down its number and a description.

There are two websites that are really useful which they encourage our community to join. Hampshire Alert ( ) gives local and relevant real time information on what is happening in our area. Immobilise ( ) is the UK national property register. If you register your valuable items on this site before they are stolen, it really improves your chances of getting them back. The Hampshire and IOW police Force are part of this initiative.

Our local PCSO, John Payne, holds “Pop Up Beat Surgeries” in Hawkley Parish Hall during “Coffee and Chat”. Dates are posted on the Parish Hall notice board together with his contact details.  The email address for the East Hants team is:  and the East Hants website is: . 

Village Plan

To download the parish council response to the SDNP Pre-submission local plan please click here.

The village plan was presented to EHDC in November 2014 and has now been adopted.To download the plan please click here.





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